Fading pictures

Involuntarily I did a very interesting experiment: I put up some pictures in my house that were exposed to the sun - not the whole day, but good parts of the day. I had the pitctures up there for a year. I had them in frames, which were slightly larger than the prints itself - this gave me this really interesting results (see below).

As for the prints: The pictures were printed on an Epson Stylus Photo 1290. This is not the newest model, it was introduced in Europe back in 2002. But it is nonetheless a great inkjet-printer when used with the porper paper: It gives you beautiful smooth tones and bright saturated colours, that`s why I like it over the pigment-printers. On the downside: The prints are known for not being as good for archival purposes as prints from pigments. Still: Back then Epson claimed 25 years for prints from the 1290.

Well, see for yourself. The prints were done on Epson Photo Paper, Super A3/Super B 13x19 inch, 329x483mm.